Restored Mama Method

From overwhelmed with no time, to find rest and be a mindful mom - Get your JOY back!

"Mindful: focusing one's awareness on the present moment." -Oxford Dictionary

Life is meant to be truly lived! It's time to actually LIVE in the moment, love your life (in every season) and live the life God has called you to.



Are you tired of waking up dreading the day to come, knowing it's going to be the same as every other day?

Living that hot mess mom life not knowing a way out? Resigned to the fact that this is just how mom life is?

Do you have this gut feeling God has called you to more, but see no way of accomplishing it with the way your busy life is right now?

You can learn how to manage your time effectively and love the life you are in no matter the season! Free up more time in your day, keep that short fuse at bay, and avoid feeling so spread thin!

How, you ask??

Restored Mama Method Slides

Can we really thrive and love our mom life and marriage in this busy life??

Hi mama! I’m Jen. There are days I wake up wondering if this life is real. Do I really get to help other mamas by doing what I love? I never dreamed this was possible!​


He laid the groundwork, teaching me the foundations I needed so that I could live out my calling in helping other overwhelmed, spread thin and filled with anxiety, mamas! ​I spent 8 years as an overwhelmed and spread thin mom with seasons of anxiety and depression,  wondering when, or if, I could ever truly enjoy my life. Or would I always be spinning my wheels filled with dread the moment I woke up every day? ​Now I know! We were all created for a purpose and God has given us all the tools to do that. We just need to learn to use those tools effectively! That is where my God given gifts come in.

When we learn to manage the time we are given effectively, shift our perspective to how God views us and this life, God has more room to work in our lives so we can fulfill the calling He has placed on us!​ This leaves room to find what God wants us to do with the gifts He has given us, gives us the ability to live life with joy and freedom, and then we can actually enjoy this life God has created! Not to mention, we will have more patience with the kids and hubby!

So…if you are ready to find freedom to truly live your life again, instead of picking up the pieces of your messy day, all day, every day, find the time to walk in the calling God has given you, and live with true joy, Restored Mama Method is for you!

An Inside Look at the Program + 6 Months of Group Coaching!

  • Welcome!

    Start this course knowing exactly what to expect and how to prepare so you can get as much as possible out of your time here.

  • Seek God, Set Goals

    Dive deep into seeking God and His plan. Evaluate where you are currently and learn how to set goals you can actually attain!

  • Inventory

    Inventory multiple areas of your life so we can prepare the foundations needed to create time management routines. Then, as hard as it may be, we take a hard look at all those time suckers.

  • Bonus Rest Module!

    Let's discus that elusive dream of rest and how to get that rest as a busy mom. Then we will help you actually get that rest you dream of!

  • Analyze

    Identify the areas that are causing the most overwhelm. Then dive into where your priorities are at, where they need to be and how to keep them there along with how to delegate and have effective routines in your daily life.

  • Mindful Moments

    Learn what you need the most to be not just a functional human being, but to actual thrive in your day to day life, create those meaningful moments, and be a mindful mama!

  • Prepare

    Start the preparations to build the foundations for a flexible daily schedule so you can start implementing it to see change.

  • Build

    Go deep and get vulnerable as we talk about God’s view on time management. Now you will create your schedule so we can implement all you have learned!

  • Test, Adjust

    Review how the past week went and make changes. Review routines and form new ones, then adjust to make the next week even better!

  • Live With Energy!

    Special appearance from the Energized Mama to teach you to live out your meaningful moments with energy!

  • Bonus Boundary Module!

    You have created the time in your day, set priorities, begun to enjoy your daily life. Now lets keep it that way by setting appropriate boundaries!

Become the mindful mom you dream of

Overwhelmed? Depressed? Unfulfilled?

What future do you hope for?

If you are finally ready to have freedom, ditch the overwhelm, and have time to live out God’s calling on your life all while loving each season you are in...What are you waiting for?!

It’s time to take control over your life again and live each day filled with joy and expectation! Get 11 modules to help you become the woman, wife, and mom you want to be and get your time back! With 6 months of group coaching you will have Jen to help you intentionally walk out all that you learn.




Months group coaching

"For I know the plans and thoughts that I have for you,’ says the Lord, ‘plans for peace and well-being and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope."

Jeremiah 29:11 (AMP)

Why Now?


Access to all content for the lifetime of the course...that's a long time!

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2 Bonus Modules as a gift to you!

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Group coaching with Jen and her coffee for 6 months...Really? Yay!

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$3800 value for only $1297, but really, becoming a mindful mama is priceless


11 Modules and 6 months to becoming that amazing mindful mama

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Community of other mamas like you to link arms with

What will you get with the Restored Mama Method?

  • Learn to ditch the overwhelm in a simple way
  • Boundary Master bonus module
  • Rest bonus module
  • Access to all content for the lifetime of the program
  • Community
  • Learn to live with energy again
  • 6 months of group coaching with Jen
  • Workbook to guide you along the journey
  • Surprise bonus with a fellow mama!
  • Jen's expertise in your busy life to help you work through your struggles
  • A lifetime of change for the better!

What will change in your life if you make the decision to join the program?

  • Be a more present mom
  • Be a more compassionate and loving wife
  • Wake up excited!
  • Finish the day feeling accomplished without a long to-do staring back at you
  • Hear God's voice and know it's Him
  • See long time dreams fulfilled
  • Feel like a functioning human being again...that right there is worth it all!
  • Enjoy the roles you are in, wife, mama, business and all the things
  • Grow in your walk with God
  • See yourself through God's eyes and who He has created you to be
  • Have actual free time in your day!
  • A community of mamas to lean on

You do everything for everyone else, it's time to do something for you. If you take this step, you will see amazing transformation in your life! So many more things than just what is on this list could happen. This is just a small portion of what others have experienced. I can't wait to see where it takes you!

I know, you are asking how much it costs...


What others are saying

“Jen has been giving me the permission to not create an overnight change, but to celebrate those victories that I have had and to act on the conviction of putting a sustainable routine in place in my home and life. Thank you as you have helped me deeply by the tools to rewire my mindset about how I view routines and scheduling, in a more Spirit filled lens too. I used to spiral out of control and beat myself up so bad about not matching my reality to what I actually wanted to see in my home. I named myself the hot mess express, but in implementation of what I have learned from you and with God all things are possible and I’m seeing victories through my new perspective. I’m so grateful that God is working through Jen in ministering to others so that we can all have victory in learning to be restored and renewed daily in our everyday mama lives! We were meant to thrive and we can do it together! Thank you and God bless you Jen!”


"Jen’s heart and ministry is a heart of giving, and teaching, a heart of serving the Lord by using all of her gifts. And boy is she gifted! I have never met someone quite like her. Despite the myriad of life that comes her way, she is always so peaceful and in tune. Her disposition is truly remarkable. She is truly exceptional in her organizations skills, helping us mainstream our busy brains into simple techniques that you can apply everyday at ease. Just be ready: after just a few days of implementing her systems, you will start experiencing what some of us thought as impossible: Godly peace in the midst of a busy life, your brain will slowly but surely start coming back into action, and all the weight that you have been carrying for so long in your mind from the endless lists of to-do’s will suddenly disappear. You will start enjoying more of the little moments, being more intentional about life and feeling fantastic. It’s real! Praise God for creating mothers like Jen that are here to teach us what a restored mother looks like."


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