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Hey Mama!

Life gets chaotic and it can be overwhelming for us as moms but it affects our children as well, even if we don’t see it. Your world may feel surrounded with chaos, that’s why you are here learning time management and how to live without all the chaos…but what chaos is surrounding your kids? Are they living in chaos right along with you? Let’s talk through several ways you can bring order in your home.

God is a God of order, the devil is the lord of chaos. It is our role as mothers to provide an environment conducive to showing our kids who God is. Part of the reason I started this podcast, other than the simple fact that God told me to lol, is that I want other moms to know the freedom that comes with order. There is freedom that comes with order. There is freedom in living in a Godly way, and order is part of that. Let’s dive in today to find out how we can help our children to grow up to know what it is to live in a chaos free and orderly environment!

Embracing God’s Divine Order and Reasoning: Finding Harmony in His Image

1 Corinthians 14:33 states, “For God is not a God of disorder but of peace…” We are created in God’s image (Genesis 1:27), therefore we strive and desire to live in a way similar to God. God’s universe is in order. He created everything in 6-8 days and did so with precision and order. This means that everything had a plan and purpose. God created time but it is outside of time Himself (Genesis 1:14-17). There is a specific time for everything (Ecclesiastes 3:1) and we use time management to create order and structure. 

God is a God of reason and a judge. He calls and welcomes us to reason with Him (Isaiah 1:18). This call encourages us to approach Him with our questions and immerse ourselves in the study of His Word. In doing so, we, as mothers, find the strength and willingness to allow Him to restore order to our often chaotic lives and scattered thoughts. The more like Him we become, the more orderly our lives will be. This is because He is the God of order, and He created us in His image.

The Impact of Household Chaos on Child and Family Well-Being

I read a scientific research journal “The Relationship between Household Chaos and Child, Parent, and Family Outcomes: A Systematic Scoping Review.” It said household chaos represents the level of disorganization or environmental confusion in the family home. And it’s characterized by high levels of background stimulation, lack of family routines, absence of predictability and structure in daily lives, and an overly fast-paced life. 

Researchers have associated the construct of household chaos with a diverse range of adverse childhood outcomes, including poor social and emotional functioning, cognitive development, academic achievement, and behavioral problems.

Samantha Marsh, Rosie Dobson, & Ralph Maddison

Importantly, researchers have associated the construct of household chaos with a diverse range of adverse childhood outcomes, including poor social and emotional functioning, cognitive development, academic achievement, and behavioral problems. In other words, if you have a chaotic home then things are not going to go well for your child outwardly either. They will not be functioning well socially, emotionally, academically, or behaviorally if order is lacking in the home. 

The vast majority of my blogs and podcasts involve discussing systems, routines, and time management. This is because we all need structure and order in our lives. Since God is order and we are created in His image, then we have the desire and need for structure and organization. So when there is disorder, chaos, and poor time management, we feel messy and disorganized. It’s the same for our kids.

The Power of Bedtime Routines to Get Rid of Chaos

The first way that you can restore some order is by having bedtime routines in place. I used to work in a youth housing facility here in Idaho and one of the major things I saw was that these kids had no structure to their bedtimes. They lacked structure and order and that was presented in their daily lives. I do not know their whole story but one assumption could be that their parents weren’t provided the structure that comes with a bedtime routine and therefore they didn’t know how to provide that to their own kids. 

Routines are essential for our kids.

Jen McGraw

Routines are essential for our kids. Each of my children follows a bedtime routine. For instance, my 10-year-old, Georgia, starts her bedtime routine at 8 pm. It includes brushing teeth, washing her face, and cleaning her ear piercings. She has time from 8 pm to 9 pm for reading, drawing, or coloring, without electronics. Similarly, my 2-year-old, James, has a routine involving picking up his toys by 7 pm, followed by teeth brushing, a bedtime story, prayer, and sleep. My 5-month-old, Caleb, follows a simpler routine, ending with his bedtime and one early morning feed. These routines provide structure and expectations for our children.

I owe our successful sleep routines to Taking Cara Babies, who has been invaluable in helping me sleep train my children. I wholeheartedly recommend her services; you can explore them by clicking here. These routines have transformed our family’s life, offering consistency and order. I’m passionate about bedtime routines and believe they’re crucial. If you haven’t established one yet, it’s highly recommended. To learn more, consider checking out my podcast episode, where I discuss our bedtime routines in detail.

Family Mealtime Brings Order to Busy Lives

The second item that can really provide structure and order to your chaotic life is having meals consistently at a certain time and together as a family. We are all busy and live fast paced lives. By prioritizing dinnertime, you can slow the day down. You can provide a time for the family to get together and communicate about their days, what’s going on in their lives, and/or have some Godly conversations.  Communication seems to always surround food. I don’t know about you but my teenagers are always in a better mood when food is involved. 

My first recommendation is to set a time that works for you most nights. In my house my kids know they can expect dinner between 5:30-6:30 pm. They know that once dinner is ready then all electronics are turned off. Our goal is to spend quality time with each other. 

To achieve this time you do not need to make an extravagant meal. It can be as simple as you want or need. If you do not currently do this, then start with 3 nights a week and then build out more as you become used to the routine. Another option is to even make one of the nights a family movie night. You all eat together and enjoy a movie. Your kids don’t want or need fancy, they just need you! The time spent together bonding will be treasured forever.

Create Order with Routines, Chores, and Stability

The third way that you can bring order to your chaotic life is through establishing routines. This looks like having routines for the morning, (such as the kids know when they wake up, they are to get dressed then come to the kitchen for breakfast and then need to brush their teeth), school drop-off, start of the school day if you homeschool, after school (homework, chores, play, etc.), and then you get into your evening routine. We need routines and so do our kids. By creating regular routines throughout the day you are able to provide consistency and order to your day and the kids’ day. 

By creating regular routines throughout the day you are able to provide consistency and order to your day and the kids’ day. 

Jen McGraw

The number four way to bring more order is to assign your children chores. Of course you’ll want to make sure that they are developmentally appropriate but each child can handle some responsibility. This helps teach them the importance of responsibility and provides some examples of what it means to be responsible. Everyone can be involved in helping bring order to the home by keeping it clean and taken care of.

Transitioning to the next point, stability is of paramount importance. This means that children have a sense of security, free from concerns about adult matters. They understand they have an ample supply of essential provisions, with the emphasis on ‘need.’ Most importantly, children are reassured by the presence and availability of their mom and/or dad, a principle that holds true even in single-parent households.

Keys to a Calm and Organized Home: Order, Quiet, Involvement, and Decluttering

Now, let’s talk about organization. It’s vital for children to easily locate their belongings. For instance, knowing their clean clothes are in their drawers eliminates the need for scavenger hunts around the house. If you’d like more guidance, I have a helpful episode that delves into my laundry routine. Maintaining a clean and tidy home benefits both us moms and our children. Organized spaces instill a calming sense of order. If you’re looking to enhance your organization, start with one area and gradually expand as you see fit.

Here is another great way to eliminate chaos and bring order. Less noise. You can listen to how we can eliminate the noise and create quiet here. But we need to do the same thing for our kids. We need to teach them how to have quiet time and moments. Excessive noise causes over stimulation which can make for a cranky child and parent. 

Engaged parents are vital for children’s well-being. Despite our busy lives, make an effort to participate in your kids’ interests. This fosters a sense of unhurried living, allowing for meaningful quality time with your family. Even single parents can achieve this; I’ve been there myself, and it’s entirely feasible!

To conclude, embark on decluttering your home. Although it may seem like a form of organization, remember that even a meticulously organized house can retain clutter. The presence of designated spaces doesn’t automatically ensure a clutter-free environment. Begin by sifting through your belongings and discarding unnecessary items. If you find the prospect overwhelming, start with small steps and gradually expand from there. It’s worth noting that clutter in your home can contribute to mental clutter.

Embrace God’s Divine Order and Remove Chaos

In conclusion, it’s clear that embracing order and structure in our lives, inspired by God’s divine example, can have a profound impact on our families and well-being. As we reflect on passages like 1 Corinthians 14:33 and Genesis 1:27, we’re reminded of our innate desire to emulate God’s sense of peace and orderliness. Just as God meticulously created the universe with precision and purpose, we too can bring organization to our lives.

In our exploration of methods to bring order into our homes and hearts, we’ve discovered several approaches. Bedtime routines, for instance, offer both consistency and comfort, creating a foundation for restful nights. Likewise, gathering for family meals promotes communication and togetherness, anchoring us in the whirlwind of our fast-paced lives. Furthermore, implementing routines throughout the day and assigning age-appropriate chores cultivates responsibility and structure.

Stability, organization, and quiet moments offer a sense of calm, while involved parenting and reducing clutter create a nurturing environment. By adopting these nine tips, we can break free from chaos and experience the peace and harmony that come with embracing God’s divine order in our daily lives. Remember, it’s not just about decluttering our spaces but also decluttering our minds, paving the way for a brighter, more orderly future for ourselves and our children.

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Love you Mama!


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