Restored Mama

From Overwhelmed with no Time, to Mindful Mom

Overwhelmed? Are you missing that joy in your life? Struggling with depression or anxiety? Find freedom and enjoy your life the way God intended!


Take a God Centered Approach to Marriage and Motherhood


Get rid of the overwhelm and find the JOY and FULFILLMENT you are longing for!

Do you wake up dreading the never ending to-do list? Full of overwhelm before the day even begins? Depression and anxiety can cause us to feel like we are drowning, but there is a way out! God has called us to live a life full of joy, wonder, and excitement. He has a purpose for each of us and it IS possible to find rest and love this life!  

The story of

Restored Mama

Restored Mama was created out of a passion to serve mamas just like you!

I was living life day to day, burned out. Worn out. Looking to everything else around me to satisfy the longing for something, anything, to fill the void in my life. Nothing worked and I was living in a constant state of depression, anxiety, and unfulfilled. I knew I was called to more. I wanted more. I needed more. I couldn't manage my daily life with work, kids, husband, and all the things, forget about doing things for me and what I am passionate about. It turns out God has all the answers. He showed me how to live a life of joy, fulfillment, and passion. He showed me how to live out the life He had called me to. To truly live and thrive the way He intended. That is why Restored Mama is here! To help you do the same!





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Are Your Kids Driving You Crazy? 8 Questions to Ask Yourself to Respond in Love and Grace


Live a Life of Joy, Fulfillment, and Peace. Say NO to Depression, Fear and Anxiety!

“When you get on God’s track for your life, it will be better than you ever expected!”

Jen McGraw
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Go from overwhelmed with no time to the mindful mama you want to be with this self paced program tailored just for you, the busy mama!

Become the mom, wife, and child of God you have dreamed of!

God's restoration is just one step away. Find what true restoration is in your life. When God restores, it's always better than when it started. Get ready to experience your life better than it has ever been!

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Spots are filling up fast and they are limited! The next group starts March 1st so join now to experience the transformation you have dreamed of in your life! Questions? Send Jen an email to get all your questions about the program answered before you join!


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